AT GRACIOUS PUBLIC SCHOOL, we aim to provide the best possible all-round education to every one of our students through a comprehensive curriculum and to produce inquiring, confident, responsible individuals who engage themselves positively with the society and the world. A successful educational programme rests on the collective involvement of the entire school community including teachers, students, and parents.

Early Learning Programme
( Age 3-5 years )

Classes: Nursery to UKG

Early Learning Programme is the most important part of any curriculum as the physical, social and emotional development that occurs during this period has a significant impact on their future life. During early years, children develop a concept of self, with a growing sense of independence and also a curiosity to know about the world around them. They become observers, explorers and also take initiatives to experiment with their surroundings.

Everything we do or say helps the children to ‘wire’ their brain for thinking, feeling, moving or learning. Children need to experience things in order to learn.

Primary Learning Programme
( Age 6-10 years )

Grades: 1 to 5

Primary Learning Program is an integral part of student’s learning process. During these years, children develop a keen desire to know and a sense of enquiry insets. These inquisitive minds will be fostered well because we believe, we learn, grow and improve from curiosity. In this age group, if the children are encouraged and reinforced for their initiatives, they begin to gain confidence in their ability and work hard to achieve their goals.

We help our learners discover who they really are and enable them to do what they love.

Middle Learning Programme
( Age 11-13 years )

Grades: 6 and Above

In this age group, the learning process is aimed at gaining knowledge methodically and comprehensively. Here children search for a sense of self and personal identity through an enormous exploration of personal values, beliefs, and goals. Children become more independent and begin to look for their future perspectives. We inspire and motivate students to become successful, independent learners who are prepared to succeed high school and beyond.